Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week one of the MTC :)

Well this week has just flown by! We have been teaching two people. One of them is our teacher and the other one we don't know if she is an actual investigator or not. But both of them committed to baptism which is awesome! I love my district/zone. The elders are hilarious! Elder Fuhriman and Elder Christley fight all the time like an old married couple. It's hilarious! The other elders in our zone are super nice, but they think Sister Degraffenried and I are nuts because we laugh all the time at meals and really just all the time. We finally got to go to the gym this week! I'm super sore. Classes are great; I love my teachers a lot! They are just awesome! We get to go to the temple again today! I'm stoked! Some of our zone left for Singapore on Tuesday and we just got a bunch of new people on Wednesday! I love meeting people. Let's be real the food here is terrible! I think I've lost weight haha. Oh well I'll soon be getting fed jello at every meal. I'm way excited to get out of here! It kind of feels like a prison hahaha. Well I hope you all are having a great week and such! Love you all!
Sister Allen
*If anyone would like to see pictures from the MTC I posted the ones Aubrey sent me on Facebook! :) -Tabitha

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