Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week one of the MTC :)

Well this week has just flown by! We have been teaching two people. One of them is our teacher and the other one we don't know if she is an actual investigator or not. But both of them committed to baptism which is awesome! I love my district/zone. The elders are hilarious! Elder Fuhriman and Elder Christley fight all the time like an old married couple. It's hilarious! The other elders in our zone are super nice, but they think Sister Degraffenried and I are nuts because we laugh all the time at meals and really just all the time. We finally got to go to the gym this week! I'm super sore. Classes are great; I love my teachers a lot! They are just awesome! We get to go to the temple again today! I'm stoked! Some of our zone left for Singapore on Tuesday and we just got a bunch of new people on Wednesday! I love meeting people. Let's be real the food here is terrible! I think I've lost weight haha. Oh well I'll soon be getting fed jello at every meal. I'm way excited to get out of here! It kind of feels like a prison hahaha. Well I hope you all are having a great week and such! Love you all!
Sister Allen
*If anyone would like to see pictures from the MTC I posted the ones Aubrey sent me on Facebook! :) -Tabitha

Hello from the MTC!

So it has been a crazy three days for sure! We've been super busy here and our schedules have been messed up everyday so we've been really lost as well! Well Skyler got to bring my luggage to my hall which was awesome and I didn't see him again on Wednesday, but I do see him at all of my meal times and occasionally when he decides to make his companions sit outside my hall at night with him haha. He's too funny. He also got reassigned to the Oakland California mission and leaves next Wednesday! I'm super excited for him although it will be hard seeing him leave again. Well my companion is Sister Degraffenried and shes awesome! She's from Anchorage Alaska and shes 21! Shes like a mama to me and its wonderful! I've been super overwhelmed the past couple of days and she just has helped me through everything! It's awesome! We share a very similar background and have a lot of the same interests which is great! My other roommates are Sister Watson and Sister Molina. Sister Watson is from California and Sister Molina is from Hawaii! I love them so much! And we all get along super well! Sister Watson is a licensed cosmetologist and so she was waxing our mustaches and eyebrows yesterday! haha Tonight we are doing our armpits. It's gonna hurt so I might chicken out haha. We have met our Branch Presidency and lots of other people. The spirit is really strong here and I just love it! Today we got to go to the temple with our zone! Can I just tell you that I love these people! They are wonderful and super nice! The majority of the boys are younger than I am so it's a littler strange haha. Oh I have been getting all of your dearelder letters so please send more! I would love to have mail everyday! Well I hope you all have a great week!

I love and miss you!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey Everyone :)

Hey everyone!
This is Sister Allen! I'm so excited to get to Provo, Utah to preach the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I report September 4th to the Provo MTC. Follow me and my adventures in Provo here on my blog :).